A progressive brand for the new world of work – Better Known

A progressive brand for the new world of work – Better Known

A progressive brand for the new world of work – Accel Teams
A progressive brand for the new world of work – Accel Teams
Sector: Professional Services
Client: Accel Teams
Expertise: Brand strategy, brand identity design, copywriting, UX, UI, content marketing

A progressive brand for the new world of work

As global events have changed the way we work, businesses are searching for innovative ways to get the job done. Right now, every business needs to ask itself, what is the future of work?

The well established routine of heading into the office five days a week has all but been abolished, prompting businesses to ask, what does the workplace of the future look like? For many of Australia’s most progressive companies, the answer is coworking. For other businesses, this is a completely new concept.

More than just a coworking space, Accel Teams is helping to reimagine what today’s workplace looks like, with a focus on how businesses can thrive, collaborate and innovate in the new world of work.

Our challenge? Create an identity that was instantly recognisable, and perfectly captured Accel Teams’ core benefits and brand attributes.

Our Thinking

The coworking movement aspire to: community, collaboration, learning and sustainability. These values, and their potential outcomes, are far more beneficial than the workspace itself. The mission of Accel Teams is to create spaces for teams to not only work in, but thrive.

Our key insight came from the notion that this collective power of teams collaborating – known as the multiplier effect – is the real value of coworking. Once we figured this out, we knew we needed to anchor the brand in the idea of ‘community innovation’.

Advertising - Accel Teams
Posters – Accel Teams

Brand design

The Accel Teams identity is inspired by the benefits of collaboration – but it’s equally inspired by the people that share the space.

The brand design features a modern, minimalist logo with a distinctive system of abstract shapes, inspired by the multifunctional layout of Accel Teams’ coworking space. At first glance the logo resembles something bigger; it draws on the idea of the multiplier through its use of the exponent.

The brand is designed to work across all touchpoints, online and offline, including a website, email marketing, stationary and wearable merchandise available to all Teams community members to help establish a sense of belonging.

Accel Teams - Portrait 3
Logo – Accel Teams

Accel Teams is an exciting place for business, and a think-tank for innovation. The brand design is modern and connects with our kind of community.

Aaron Dormer, Director – Accel Teams
Broadsheet – Accel Teams

A content driven approach

Shifting the perspective of coworking – especially in some industries – required a content-focused approach.

To get the word out, we used content marketing to take a deep dive into the data on coworking and amplify the opinions of industry.

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