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Brand Design

We design your brand in a way that reflects your values and personality, building loyal communities and creating a foundation for growth.

Brand design is the articulation of your brand strategy. It’s who you are and what you stand for, brought to life through succinct language and striking visuals. 
We translate the essence of your brand into a holistic design system, so it’s tangible and authentic at every touchpoint. Whether it’s the design of a logo, brand architecture, colour palette, typography, illustration, photography, or graphic devices, we bring your brand to life with consistency and relevancy.
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Where we start

We start with a deep dive into your brand strategy, as our jumping-off point to create several creative territories. 
Based on a creative territory, we’ll then create the building blocks of your visual identity. This includes everything you need to create an authentic brand that’s authentic and unique.

Developing the brand design

Brands build trust through consistency. We create brand guidelines to enable your business to grow without losing the identity you’ve worked so hard to create. This includes design systems, toolkits, and templates to support consistently high-quality and on-brand communications. 
For many of our clients, creating or refining a brand isn’t a one-off problem that needs to be solved: it’s part of an ongoing, constantly evolving process. We help brands evolve their brand experience as part of an agile brand approach.
The brands we create are well-crafted and considered, founded on design that’s authentic to your business and appealing to your audience. 

How we help

Visual identity
Verbal identity
Sound identity
Motion identity
Typographic language
Image language
Illustration language
Art direction
Video and animation
Brand story
Social media branding

Our expertise

Brand Strategy

Powerful strategy, branding and communications stem from a deep understanding of your business and audience. Through research and strategic insights, we help businesses define their value proposition and communicate it in a way that’s unique and drives real results.

Brand Experience

Branding is so much more than a logo or a website – it’s the collective experience of your business and your customers, both on and offline. Our role is to shape and define that brand experience, then amplify it through clear and compelling communications.

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