Branding the customer-first insurance company – Better Known

Branding the customer-first insurance company – Better Known

Branding the customer-first insurance company
Branding the customer-first insurance company
Sector: Professional Services
Client: NewSure
Expertise: Brand strategy, digital marketing strategy

Branding the customer-first insurance company

When it comes to insurance, the value lies in its promise. Customers need to feel confident that they’ll be looked after if something go wrong. Many insurance agencies and brokers fail to live up to that promise. But NewSure is different.

When NewSure partnered with us for their brand and digital strategy, we dived head-first into research. A key insight was that customers really need assurance from their insurer, so that they can feel more at ease day to day – yet they’re seldom provided with the information needed to make an informed choice. This guided our thinking to deliver a digital marketing and brand strategy, and an engaging customer experience, that leveraged Newsure’s huge referral base.

Strategic approach

As a mature and historically stable industry, insurance has long operated on established, reliable business methods. However, much like the rest of the financial services sector, the insurance broking industry has recently experienced increased scrutiny of its business model by regulators, policy makers and the general public. This, coupled with a shake-up in insurtech and insurance innovation, has brought about a bigger focus on the need for a better customer experience.

Stakeholder engagement revealed that key to NewSure’s difference was the strength of its broker-client relationships, paired with its experience and ability to educate clients on all things insurance. A high referral rate clearly signified high customer satisfaction.

We worked with NewSure to develop a tailored brand framework and key messages that clearly communicated their point of difference in a way that was engaging, impactful and authentic to their business. The digital strategy mapped out a customer journey designed to work hard in the ‘attract’ phase of the purchase funnel, and build awareness of NewSure.

Brand and digital transformation

Digital technology has become integral to business and life outside work, and it’s upended traditional insurance models. Leveraging new technology and channels to target new customers seeking a better insurance experience was key to this strategy.

Starting with a website audit, keyword research and SEO, the creative strategy included a refreshed brand, a distinct customer welcome strategy, sales tools, and a new purpose-centric website with enhanced UI/UX.

Brand image – Newsure
Brand image – Newsure

In every brand interaction, the central purpose was to strike a balance between the human and digital. Knowing this, we designed a consistently customer-focused experience, on and offline.

Bianca Hennessy, Director – Better Known
Website – Newsure

Website design

A direct response to the company’s positioning and long-term strategic direction, the new website continues the holistic brand strategy and focues on user experience to guide, educate and inspire users about the benefits of individual products, and the confidence and security they provide.

Brand graphics – Newsure
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