Branding The Family Office – Better Known

Branding The Family Office – Better Known

Ripe for disruption: Branding the Family Office
Ripe for disruption: Branding the Family Office
Sector: Financial services
Client: Cuthberts Business Advisory
Expertise: Brand Identity, Copywriting, Website, Collateral

Ripe for disruption: Branding the Family Office

Cuthbert’s came to us with a clear goal. They wanted to disrupt the Family Office category by helping first-generation wealth owners start a Family Office. 

In a cluttered financial industry with little to distinguish one brand from the next, Cuthberts needed to stand out and articulate their unique difference.

We knew that the business landscape has become far more complex in recent times, especially in the regulatory, tax and wealth management space. These days, investment strategies have to be more flexible and informed to keep pace with accelerating change and shifting market dynamics. 

Understanding the complexities that wealthy families face, Cuthberts needed a distinct brand identity to attract like-minded people. Our aim was to empower them, through a unified brand experience and through a consistent personality, tone of voice and visual identity.

Brand logo – Cuthberts Business Advisory
Research and insights
Our insights told us that the sheer pace of change when it comes to wealth and regulation, digital transformation and risk had led to a huge shakeup in the way the Family Office could now be approached. We also knew that the biggest consideration for a Family Office is succession. Preparing the next generation and the fear of letting go of control by the incumbent generation (often the wealth creator) is a key challenge in many high net worth families.  

Together through client interviews and collaboration, we developed a guiding strategy to unlock the value of Cuthberts as: “The missing piece in your success story.”

We positioned Cuthberts as a strategic partner, here to take your plan full circle. From entry-level financial strategies to governance at the highest level, Cuthberts provides holistic family office services that complement the sophistication and breadth of their clients’ portfolios.

The tagline, ‘For the wealth strategy your missing’ connects visually to the logo which was inspired by taking the full circle approach.
Tagline – Cuthberts Business Advisory
Brand logo and book – Cuthberts Business Advisory
Mobile website – Cuthberts Business Advisory
Brand illustration – Cuthberts Business Advisory

Illustrations are used to express the way Cuthberts empowers collaboration and provides the bridge to a better future.

Georgina Hannekum – Director, Better Known
Brand statement and signage – Cuthberts
Brand collateral – Cuthberts Business Advisory

Brand design

We created a new library of imagery to capture the key concepts of the Family Office in a metaphorical and delightful way.
The blue colour palette symbolises loyalty, honesty, trust and responsibility. Colours are paired back and complementary to signify support and working collectively. Bright red is used to give importance to illustrations and captures the energy of a brighter future.
The brand story was told through well-crafted copy an illustrations to help support the messaging such as family governance and philanthropic services.
Brand image - Cuthberts Business Advisory
Brand collateral – Cuthberts Business Advisory
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