Forging trust for a vital new medical business – Better Known

Forging trust for a vital new medical business – Better Known

Sector: Recruitment
Client: Doctor Onboard
Expertise: Brand identity design, copywriting, UX, UI design

Forging trust for a vital new medical business

Introducing Doctor Onboard – Australia’s newest medical recruitment business. Established by GP recruitment experts, Doctor Onboard provides clients with the depth of industry knowledge that only a niche consultancy can offer.

The mission of Doctor Onboard is simple: connect the right doctors to the right practices to create transformative outcomes for both patients and health workers. But the business needed a clear and engaging visual identity that reflected that purpose. Our brief was to create a visual identity that would inspire doctors, create awareness with practices and position Doctor Onboard as a trusted brand in the medical community.

Our thinking

In a highly saturated recruitment landscape, alongside a plethora of brands on a similar mission, Doctor Onboard had to stand out through strong and bold positioning.

Through our collaboration with Doctor Onboard, it was clear to us that the team was deeply passionate about their clients and the contribution they wanted to make to the medical field.

Soon after meeting the client, an idea began to take shape; we knew we needed to weave together placement and the importance of connection into the branding.

Mobile website – Doctor Onboard
Brand images and logo – Doctor Onboard

Brand concept

The logo is inspired by the notion of connection, combined with elements of a stethoscope – perhaps the most identifiable item in a GP’s toolkit.

The brand palette is a contemporary interpretation of colours traditional to the medical sector, while the dynamic typography extends the idea of connections and strikes a balance between playful and informative.

Business card – Doctor Onboard

Better Known designed a brand that has taken us where we need to go. They showed a depth of understanding from the very start. The process they used to develop the brand was exceptional and they went above and beyond to deliver an identity that went hand in hand with our business.

Steve Jones, Director – Doctor Onboard
Branding – Doctor Onboard
Branded bag – Doctor Onboard
Sign – Doctor Onboard

Brand design

A flexible brand system ensures that Doctor Onboard’s core purpose is integrated and communicated at every stage of the customer journey, from business cards and stationary right through to the website and digital advertising.

Social media content – Doctor Onboard
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