Redefining an established brand – Better Known

Redefining an established brand – Better Known

Building a brand to protect against cyber attacks – Accel
Building a brand to protect against cyber attacks – Accel
Sector: Corporate
Client: Accel
Expertise: Brand strategy, brand identity design, copywriting, UX, UI design, digital marketing, content marketing

Redefining an established brand

In the last 15 years, Accel has built a strong reputation for eCommerce solutions across a broad range of platforms for emerging, mid-tier and enterprise clients. But recently the brand reached a pivotal moment in its trajectory. The business strategy took a new direction, with a firm focus on providing secure commerce and web solutions.

The cyber world is complex. Recognising this, Accel identified a need to help businesses progress, securely. Through close collaboration, Accel works with clients to understand their online business challenges and develop secure solutions tailored to their needs.

Building on our established credibility as a web and digital consultancy, Accel’s renewed business direction involved branching out into a different space to bring a unique offering to market.

Brandmark and tagline – Accel Digital

Our thinking

The new evolution was driven by a key insight: cyber attacks are becoming an increasingly serious threat to global enterprise – and, of course, online businesses are particularly at risk. According to a study by Juniper Research, eCommerce losses due to online payment fraud will exceed $25 billion annually by 2024.

In response, Accel has pioneered a new way for businesses to secure their eCommerce and web platforms while still delivering world-class experiences. As one of the very first to specialise in this field, we knew we had to cement their position as a leader.

We started by working closely with the Accel leadership team to establish a new brand strategy document that communicated their foundational role visually and verbally.

Brand image – Accel
Brand image – Accel Digital

We wanted to convey the essence of resilience through the brand look and feel, so we created images layered with a digital ‘security’ layer. This gave the entire brand visual consistency and allowed Accel to unroll a rich and inspiring story within the secure commerce market.

Georgina Hannekum, Director – Better Known
Website – Accel

Brand strategy

Designed to clearly articulate the brand platform, the brand strategy centres on a framework that paints a clear and definitive picture of the organisation. This included an updated tagline, ‘Accelerate securely’.

A key component of the strategy was to articulate the values in action: what matters most to Accel and how the business’s values drive its behaviour. We defined the brand’s tone of voice, helped define the new business offering, and provided a top-level overview of that new service.

Icons – Accel Digital
Social media – Accel

Brand design

The refreshed identity features an expressive brand system to tell the brand story, visualised through a high-contrast colour palette that reflects a dark versus light mode. The Accel logo and brandmark are designed to represent the brand vision: to accelerate the transition to a secure digital world.

Brand image – Accel
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