Simplifying eCommerce – Better Known

Simplifying eCommerce – Better Known

Sector: Corporate
Client: Accel
Expertise: Concept, Design, Copywriting, Animation

Simplifying eCommerce

Accel is a boutique eCommerce agency working with clients around the world to meet their growth ambitions and win the next wave of customers.
Just like the highly dynamic and evolving world of eCommerce, the brand is constantly evolving to meet the needs of customers. We worked closely with the business leaders at Accel to create an exciting hype-reel, communicating their ambition to simplify technology using world-class eCommerce platforms, tools and processes.

Building on our established credibility as a web and digital consultancy, Accel’s renewed business direction involved branching out into a different space to bring a unique offering to market.


For Accel’s hype-reel, we wanted to emphasise their data-driven, strategic and technical approach. Our aim was to keep this story simple and ensure the main focus of the piece was on the solution rather than the problem.
Using a bright and energetic design, we created a series of icons and illustrations to symbolise how they help businesses navigate complexity, and accelerate their time to market. Inspired by the brand design, the design uses bold typography and fast-moving animation to create big impact.
We created a 60” version of the hype-reel as well as 30” and 15” cut-downs for social media.
Storyboard image – Accel
Storyboard image – Accel

The duality of illustration and typographic style – with close-up details vs. ‘bigger picture’ type – captures Accel’s ability to interrogate the problem in order to make informed decisions, as well as using its technical smarts to solve tomorrow’s eCommerce problems with more than today’s solutions.

Georgina Hannekum, Director – Better Known
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